About Me


New Zealand born and bred, London based and working for a BBC Studios (Disclaimer, all views are my own here ūüėČ )

Twenty-four, I’m not a dating guru. I swear. But i’ve lived around the world (NZ, CA and LDN) which produced some hilarious, humiliating and raw experiences I thought i’d blog about. Mostly dating.
In a techno-obsessed society we go through all the trauma of Tinder banter and sliding in to DMs, so thought i’d speak the truth on it all.

This blog’s purpose is to shed light on how dating has changed. How technology influences the way we date. It’s kind of a social experiment, and for you to enjoy my authentic escapades in the modern world.¬†BASICALLY I just want to call bullshit on Hollywood’s ‘Boy meets Girl’ story. The reality is, us single gals are out here hustling trying to swerve fuck-boys, ghosters, and jerks. So what am I going to do about it? Write a tell-all blog. An¬†uncensored insight in to the struggles of modern dating, sex and relationships all based on personal experiences.

What you need to know about me, before you get nose-deep in to my stories, is….

At twenty-one, I graduated university and had this moment of ‘what now…’? I had a head full of dreams and a free-spirit to feed. I made an impulsive decision (something I regularly do) and moved to Canada, with the intention of going off the grid to¬†ride powder and snowboard every day. It was a magic time in life packed with soulmates, Exes and best friends. Canada was like Neverland … (stay tuned to the blog for stories)

When I got tired of bears, maple syrup and mountain life, I brought a beat up, rusty Chrysler Concord, and road tripped across the States. Yes it overheated. Yes the speedometer broke. Yes I thought I would die in the canyons. Eleven states later, a cheeky backpacking trip to Mexico, and I reached the end goal – New York City.

In the Big Apple, it was over a dry martini, attending a book release at a roof-top bar that I realised I was exhausted. Exhausted of travelling. I was ready to sink my teeth in to the real world, the city life. I was ready for bills. I was ready to have a house to vacuum and host dinner parties in. I was ready for a 9-5 career. But I wanted all of that with some glamour on top. London had all the allure and more. In 2015 I landed at Heathrow Airport starry-eyed and ready to make the UK capital my home.

I have been in the concrete jungle ever since, working for BBC studios, and generally just getting up to mischief in the city.

What inspired the blog?¬†Sex & The City, Bridget Jones Diary, Clueless, Gossip Girl, and all the fuck-boys in my life.¬†I’ve done the serious relationship thing. Three to be exact. Serious long-term relationships that spanned a few years each. But the in-between’s are made up of golden single moments. Dating dilemma’s and matchmaking mishaps that helped me to find more about myself than I ever thought I would.

Obviously my life consists of more than dating. I travel a lot with my gal pals, and want to tick of ’30 before i’m 30′ (countries) – I’m not far off. I love a good cocktail, a roof-top bar, and a coconut cappuccino. Give me an infinity pool and a palm tree and i’ll probably never leave you.¬†I enjoy being active; snowboarding, hiking, running, tennis, paddle boarding. Fashion and the luxe-life bring me joy, but then so does sweatpants and no-make up days, it’s a balance. I love booze. I love a good drink and a laugh.
I occasionally walk on the wild side because we honestly do¬†ONLY LIVE ONCE. My life hack to living a colourful existence is to say yes to every experience, make memories, always be kind to others (be that girl in the bathroom on a night out that shares her lippie around and makes best friends with strangers) and don’t be afraid to grab life by the balls.

Finally, this is a no-judgement zone. I want this to be a place people can come, read, and say “Girl, that happened to me just last week, I totally relate”. In our twenties we make mistakes, and do a lot of stupid shit…but we learn lessons along the way and god damn do we have fun doing it.

Enjoy xx